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What has changed in Organic SEO?

What has changed in Organic SEO?

By BloggerKhan

My profession is Management and Marketing and it revolves around outsourcing, ecommerce and marketing on the internet. Wise men say identify what you are passionate about and then see if ...

By BloggerKhan

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Ever since Google started placing paid Ads in the middle of the search page, above organic results, organic search has been devalued. Previously paid Ads were only on the right sidebar of searches and all those who believed in the merit of organic search did their best to appear higher in organic search. Now no matter what you do, paid results supersede organic and for popular keywords, the top spots are all taken by paid Ads. Businesses have less of a reason to invest in organic SEO. In the short term, this is good for Google as they make more money off Ads but this has also moved businesses away from Google to social media and Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram are the beneficiaries.


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