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Should I outsource my SEO

Why should I outsource SEO

By BloggerKhan

My profession is Management and Marketing and it revolves around outsourcing, ecommerce and marketing on the internet. Wise men say identify what you are passionate about and then see if ...

By BloggerKhan

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Many small businesses are reluctant to set up a website. When they are finally convinced of the benefits, they reluctantly setup a website and get it up and running. They expect it to generate business for them and unfortunately it does very little in most cases. They wonder why?

Well, it is just like if you open a shop in the traditional world. Unless you promote your shop, you won’t have much traffic and without customer traffic, there won’t be much business. In the traditional world, in the brick and mortar world, you promote in multiple ways. You can distribute flyers, you can place advertisements in newspapers, radio, television etc. In the online world, you can do all of those too. Now if you don’t have the funds to invest heavily in pay per click ads, then people revert to SEO, which is organic search so that you appear favorably in searches on Google or Bing or in other indexes and directories.

A small business owner may say – okay, let me learn SEO and they spend months learning SEO, and in most cases, it is an exercise in frustration. The more you learn, the more you realize you don’t know much, as it is a very vast subject. Many simply give up.

The question is, should you learn it yourself or should you outsource it? Just because it is free or close to free to learn, does not mean you should spend months learning it. You could learn how to sew and stitch your shirt – but you don’t. Why? Because you can better use your time and let someone else stitch it better for you. Whatever you are selling, I am sure if your customer put in enough time, they can do it themselves. But they don’t and outsource it to you. Why? Because they think you can do it better and more cost effectively.

Even if you put in the weeks and months and become very good at it, do you have better use for that time? If for an hour of work you can earn $30, can you get your SEO work get outsourced for $25/hour. If the answer is yes, then outsource it.

All that time you spend on learning SEO and SMM (Social Media Management), if that can be better spent / invested to either generate more sales, or reduce costs or create new products, then outsourcing makes better sense.

In my case, I’m very good at SEO and that has been my strength for many years. But I don’t do our SEO/ SMM. I need to pay more attention to developing and growing our business rather than SEO. So what do I do? I let our employees do our SEO. I guide them and I am there if they need help but I don’t do the work. I have better use of my time. I also sit on the planning meetings for our client’s SEO campaigns but I don’t do the work. I can also wash my shirt and change oil in my car but I outsource it because I have better use for that time.

Should I outsource my SEO

Should I outsource SEO

Think about changing the mindset, You can learn to do anything, yes that is correct, but that time that you spend in learning SEO, for example, can that be better spent, can that be better invested, can you generate more revenue? If the answer is yes then you must outsource.
Good Luck!


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