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Marketing Tips for Realtors

Marketing Tips for Realtors

Many new realtors struggle with generating business. They print cards and brochures and go about neighborhoods and slide their cards under the doors. That is a good method but generates very little business in the short term. What do do?

What is a good source of leads for Realtors and Brokers

Do not buy Leads

Have you purchased leads and were the results dismal. Were the leads just junk or were you not setup properly to work the leads ???

Creative pricing strategies

Get creative with pricing

Looking for ways and means to improve profitability? Should you add new products, license a new technology, partner with another vendor? How about an oft. ignored strategy that works well for the likes of Coca Cola …

What has changed in Organic SEO?

What has changed in Organic SEO?

Are you a believer in organic SEO? Have you benefited from organic SEO in the past? What are your plans for this year? I think you should read this short article …

Why outsource content development

Implementing Content Marketing – How we do it

Content Marketing is not easy and not cheap. But with the proper strategy and implementation, it delivers long term value. You must seriously invest in Content Marketing and hire your own team or outsource it to …

Twitter, tweet engagement, tips to increase engagement

Tips for increasing Tweet Engagement

Just a large number of Twitter followers does you no good if your followers are not actively engaged with you. Learn how to improve your Twitter engagement and build a stronger following. You have to learn, implement and refine your skills to …

5 Tips to promote on Facebook

5 Tips to promote on Facebook

Thinking of using Facebook for promoting your business? It is a strong platform for business marketing and you should have a good understanding of how to promote your business on facebook …

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