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Web Conferencing for training new employees

By BloggerKhan

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By BloggerKhan

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We originally started using web conferencing software a couple of years ago for customer presentations and have found it very effective. Of late though, we have started using MeetCheap a newer company in the area of web conferencing software for creating training videos.

We conduct a webinar and start recording. At the end of the session, those remote employees that are logged in get trained and their questions get answered. In addition, we now have a recorded video that we user for training new employees down the road.

When a few weeks later, new employees join, we don’t have to conduct a new webinar. We direct them to the recorded webinars, they learn what they can and then they send us their questions that we answer.

When an update is needed, we simply record an additional webinar that serves as an addendum to the earlier webinars.

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