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15 Ways to Inspire Employees

15 Ways to Inspire Employees

By BloggerKhan

My profession is Management and Marketing and it revolves around outsourcing, ecommerce and marketing on the internet. Wise men say identify what you are passionate about and then see if ...

By BloggerKhan

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Want to improve the productivity of your employees? Want to motivate and inspire them? Here’s a list of 15 ways to motivate them, identify with your vision and perform better:

  1. You be the excited one. If you are excited about your work, the enthusiasm will catch on and your employees will also get excited. Win-win situation.

  2. Share your vision. Always keep your goal in mind, share this vision with your employees, make them feel like part of the team and that you have to work towards making it a reality together.

  3. Recognition. Give praise for a job well done. Praise in public when a staff member does something innovative, accomplishes something before the deadline etc.

  4. Storytelling. Share your story, let your employees know how you started your business, difficulties you faced along the way. They will feel invested and want to contribute further to your success story.

  5. Employee goals. Ask your employees what their goals are and try to tie them to yours. Make them consider the time spent in your company as an important part of their life and professional development.

  6. Periodic switch of tasks to change things up, keep them sharp and avoid their work from turning monotonous.

  7. Unique rewards. Reward success and good performance by playing music, introduce casual Fridays or let everyone leave a little early before on the weekend. Cash incentives are not always the best option. In fact, recent research has shown that employees value other types of rewards (non cash rewards) more as they get more motivated.

  8. Allow resting time. Overworked employees will under perform and won’t feel motivated. Everyone needs some downtime to recharge their batteries, rest up and spend time with family and friends.

  9. Friendly work environment. Your employees spend a big chunk of their day in your offices and the pleasanter the space they work in, the better they will perform. Can be as simple as ensuring good lighting and comfortable furniture.

  10. Get to know your employees. Take time out of your busy workday and spend it on getting to know your employees. Motivation levels will definitely increase. Learn something about their family, their interests and hobbies. Keep it friendly and open but not too personal. Try to find the right balance between professional and personal.

  11. Organize a social event. Outing for your employees. Not only does this help build teamwork but they will also get to know their coworkers a lot better. Can be something like a friendly football match, a picnic or any kind of outing you think they may be interested in. Or, organize a small raffle or bingo night.

  12. Ask for feedback. Get insight on how they feel about their work and workplace. Also, if there is an area that is under performing, asking them to brainstorm ideas on how to improve with you, will make them feel like part of the team.

  13. Advancement opportunities. Doing the same task day in and day out can get quite dull. Even the most ambitious employees will get demotivated if they do not see opportunities for their professional advancement on the horizon. Ambitious people want to know they have a chance to get promoted in your company.

  14. Encourage friendly competition. A little competition will improve productivity levels. Make a task a competition or a challenge then praise a job well done.

  15. Encourage learning. We live in a day and age when what was the norm yesterday may not be the norm tomorrow. So encourage your employees to keep up with industry trends, news and changes, learn new skills and improve on the old ones.

Use a combination of these techniques (or all of them!) and you will see your employees start performing better and the overall atmosphere around the office will also improve.

Good luck!

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