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Fix mobile usability issues found on website

By BloggerKhan

My profession is Management and Marketing and it revolves around outsourcing, ecommerce and marketing on the internet. Wise men say identify what you are passionate about and then see if ...

By BloggerKhan

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Did you get an email from Google Webmaster Tools stating “Fix mobile usability issues found on website”. Did it scare you? Wondering what it means? Hundreds of thousands of webmasters have received this email – many got unnerved like you.

Over the last few years, mobile devices, tablets and mobile phones have become so proliferant that more than half the people now use their mobile device to do a search on the internet. See ComScore report.

Fix mobile usability issues found on website as mobile devices are growing faster than computers

Mobile internet users vs computer internet users

What Google is trying to say is that you need to fix mobile usability issues on your web pages and make them mobile responsive. What if you don’t? They will drop you down in searches conducted using mobile devices. Is that bad? See the graphic.

Is it difficult to fix mobile usability issues? Not if you are a professional developer. Our outsourcing unit Interloper, Inc. does this all the time. What we do is assign a developer who rewrites your design code so it auto adjusts to computer screens, tablets and mobile phones. Then we resubmit your website to Google and if it’s fixed, they no longer penalize you in mobile searches.

Is it expensive. Not really. Most websites are just a few pages and you could have your mobile usability issues fixed for less than $500.

Since you are here, read the following too. The data is interesting and useful.

Only 6 Percent of SMBs Have Mobile Sites, 45 Percent Don’t Have Any Site At All. Local directory and advertising provider Hibu published a study on small businesses (SMBs) and mobile marketing in the US and UK. The survey found that a whopping 45% of US and UK SMBs still didn’t have a website let alone a mobile optimized site. In both cases only 6% of respondents with websites said they were mobile optimized.

Fix mobile usability issues found on website

SMBs aren’t mobile optimized

Perhaps the most interesting discussion in the report surrounds the gap between SMB perceptions of the value or importance of mobile marketing and their willingness or capacity to act. US SMBs believed they were losing out on annual revenue of roughly $60,000 on average by not having a mobile optimized site. Collectively US SMBs without a mobile optimized site thought they might be losing out on a total of $1 trillion in annual potential revenue.

Stop losing out on customers. Contact Interloper, Inc. and get your website fixed.


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1 Thought to Fix mobile usability issues found on website

  1. Stacy Wright April 21, 2015 at 9:00 pm

    I am seeing more of such posts: “we have an existing website http://www.sample.com. it currently is on Joomla 1.5. it has to be upgraded to Big commerce Joomla 3 or whichever is the most current version that is mobile friendly (mobile responsiveness to keep up with Google). ”

    In my opinion people don’t need to take such drastic action. You don’t need to move from one platform to another in order to comply with Google’s requests. Just hire a professional developer and get your current website on your current platform mobile responsive. Saves you money.


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