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Best Gift Box for employees

Best small gifts as Employee Rewards

By BloggerKhan

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By BloggerKhan

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Are you a company considering the possibility of introducing employee rewards? You have heard of good practices elsewhere but they seem to cost a lot of money? We may have a good suggestion for you.

Your employees want to feel appreciated. Let them know they are doing their job well by giving out employee rewards. Do not fret about your limited budget. Our idea is unique and it will not make a huge dent in your budget. We are talking about gift boxes of nuts and dry fruits. It perks up the employee because he is being recognized but it has a great side benefit of spreading good cheer around. Its a type of reward that can be easily shared with colleagues and motivate them also to do a good job and get recognized. The conversation quite often goes like this:

Here, have some nuts. They are delicious”.

Why thank you. Delicious indeed. Where did you get them?”

Oh, I got them as my employee of the month reward. Isn’t that wonderful?”

Good job and thank you for sharing.

Even though you rewarded one employee, other employees now know that the company appreciates good work. Sometimes, even the smallest of gifts can go a long way in spreading positive vibes.

And that is not all. An added bonus is that they are nutritious, while being very affordable at the same time. Take a look at http://dallasdry.com and see if any of their gift boxes suit you. Your employees will love them. Nuts are also very nutritious so unlike donuts, you are doing them a favor.

Good Luck!

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