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Reviews and Comparison of products and services

Internet Marketing

Russell Brunson’s course or Lee McIntyre’s – which one is better

Russell Brunson has an internet marketing course called DotComSecrets while Lee McIntyre has a course called ‘Internet Lifestyle‘. Both courses are targeted towards those who know a little bit about internet marketing but haven’t had much success yet. If you are thinking about taking a course but are not sure which one maybe right for […]

Web Conferencing

Web Conferencing for training new employees

We originally started using web conferencing software a couple of years ago for customer presentations and have found it very effective. Of late though, we have started using MeetCheap a newer company in the area of web conferencing software for creating training videos. We conduct a webinar and start recording. At the end of the […]


GVO vs GDI – which one is better

Many people are unsure about GVO and GDI and want to know which one is best for them in terms of earnings potential and usage. I hope the following review and comparison helps clarify the differences between the two very good programs. GVO is a web hosting company, GDI is a domain registrar. The GDI […]

Video Conferencing vs web conferencing

Video Conferencing vs Web Conferencing

At times it seems that video conferencing and web conferencing are just different names for the same thing. Not quite though. In many ways they look and feel the same but the underlying technology is different. Web conferencing uses proprietary technology with it’s roots in audio conferencing. Today’s web conferencing allows you to share a […]

Colocation Services

Colocation Services Review and Comparison

  Colocation Services: Colocation is a hosting option for small and mid size businesses who don’t yet have the resources of larger corporations like their own data centers with redundant power sources, networks, multiple high speed lines etc. They need all those services but can’t afford them yet. Colocation services come to the rescue. There are […]

Google Penguin

Google Penguin Don’t loose sleep over it

Many people are fretting over the recent Google search algorithm update dubbed ‘Google Penguin’. It has hit thousands of sites and as a result those sites are no longer ranking as high as they were in searches. Penguin is focused on penalizing and removing from search, pages or sites that are / were trying to […]

Comparison of dedicated server providers

Dedicated Servers Review and Comparison

Dedicated Servers Review and Comparison When you outgrow a shared server, you upgrade to a VPS server. When even a VPS server won’t cut it any more, it’s time to graduate to a dedicated server. Dedicated hosting or having a dedicated server means that you are assigned a server class computer that hosts only your […]

Testing Golf clubs

Testing Golf Clubs

It’s that time of the year again when our golf unit is busy testing golf clubs. If you like golf then you’ll love this part. It’s hard work, very hard work but it’s very enjoyable. You don’t mind the blisters and the aching backs. You are like a kid in a candy store as you […]

Membership software

Membership Software Review and Comparison

Membership Software Review & Comparison We respect your email privacy What is Membership software? A software that let’s you control who can and who cannot view the contents of a site is considered ‘Membership Software‘. Some membership software are free but most are at a price, some relatively inexpensive, some at a premium. For one […]

Link Building - is it useful

Is Link Building Dead?

In Feb / Mar 2012, Google started de-indexing private blogging networks whose sole purpose was to provide backlinks to their paying members. You paid to join the blog networks and they would provide you thousands of backlinks from their network of blogs to your website. That made your website look like a popular site to […]

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