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What can you outsource? A lot

When you get stuck – Outsource

By BloggerKhan

My profession is Management and Marketing and it revolves around outsourcing, ecommerce and marketing on the internet. Wise men say identify what you are passionate about and then see if ...

By BloggerKhan

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I like to do things myself. I like to learn the mechanics of a task, learn it
and then implement it. However; this habit of mine has resulted in many small
projects never getting done. I keep postponing stuff for ‘when I have the time’
and that time never comes.

Finally I decided to try my own medicine and started outsourcing even those
smaller tasks. I have been outsourcing for a while now but they have mostly been
project oriented bigger tasks. Now I have started outsourcing even smaller tasks
and as a result, my To Do List is getting shorter – at least for now. I know
very soon other tasks will take their place but I am making progress on those
smaller tasks. For example, a couple of weeks back I started implementing the facebook plugin that displays your blog posts on your facebook page. Somewhere I made a mistake and it never got fully implemented. I added it to my To Do list and got busy with other things.

Last night I had an idea. Why not post the task on one of the outsourcing
portals and let’s see if someone is willing to take on such a small task. I woke
up this morning with five proposals, I picked one and within the hour, the job
was done.

Three cheers for outsourcing !!!. No task is too small.



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