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What is Angela & Paul

What is Angela’s and Paul’s Backlinks

By BloggerKhan

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By BloggerKhan

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Angela’s and Paul’s Backlinks are named after Angela V. Edwards and Paul Johnson. They are not related and both have their own businesses but their theory is the same.

Angela’s and Paul’s backlinking methodology is based on the premise that Google gives more weightage to links pointing to your site if they originate from a site with high ranking. For example, if a site say http://webmd.com has a page rank of 7 and has a link pointing to your site, that link will have more weightage than a link from a site say http://baber.com with a page rank of 3. It’s like having a reference letter from a high ranking official that you take with you to a job interview.

Google’s PageRank (PR) was originally called that after Google’s founder Larry Page. Google decided early on that it’s search engine would let internet users vote on pages that were important. What was developed was an algorithm that takes into account many on-page and off-page factors but gives more relevance to websites that get a lot of votes. A vote is a link from one webpage to another. All votes however; are not equal. A single vote can be more important if a link comes from a website such as those that are categorized:

  • Sites with high page rankings (PR 4-9)
  • Official news websites
  • Educational (.EDU) websites
  • Government (.GOV) websites

Now let me explain this a little further.

Let’s say you have only 10 links pointing to your site from PR7 sites. They will weigh more than 50 links pointing to your site from PR2 sites. That means all else being equal, your page will show up higher on Google.

Relevance also matters but to a lesser extent. If the high ranking sites pointing to your site are about horse breeding and your site is about politics, you would get less of a boost even though they say politics make strange bedfellows. That does not mean you will get penalized if you post a link in an irrelevant site. You just won’t get the full boost. So rank and relevance matter.

NoFollow and DoFollow links also matter. All links by default are DoFollow unless you specify them NoFollow. If a link is specified as NoFollow, it is telling search engines not to give link juice to the outgoing link/website. Link Juice is a slang term for link credit and weightage. Search engines still follow the link but do not give it weightage. In addition, user (humans) may also follow the link and visit your site which is really what you want.

Want to know if a site’s links are dofollow or nofollow? Download the SEOBook toolbar for Firefox (both are free). It has an option for highlighting nofollow links. For example, if you go to http://twitter.com/bloggerkhan and run the SEOBook option ‘highlight nofollow links’, you will see that all the links are nofollow. That shows that Twitter has it’s benefits but not where link juice is concerned. The same is true for Delicious. So much for bookmarking to web2.0 sites.

How do you get these high ranking and relevant PR sites pointing to your site? If they are forums, you can join them and over time mention your site in relevant topics and in your profile / signature. If they are blogs, you can comment on posts and most blogs allow you to mention your site.

It is a slow process but very effective over time.

You get the biggest bang if somehow your site can get listed on the root page of a high PR site but the likelihood of that happening is quite low. You may have a link pointing to your site from a high PR site, let’s say PR8, but the actual page on that site that has the link to your site may be PR0. Most individual pages have a PR of zero even though the site overall may have a high PR. Does that matter to you. Not really. If a page/post pointing to your site has a PR of zero but the overall site is PR8, you are good.

Angela & Paul Backlinks are created on the inner pages of HIGH PR sites also called profile back links. Usually you need to register at a High PR site and create your website’s backlink in the member profile page as well as your signature.

What’s the difference between Angela’s and Paul’s backlinking services? They both offer a subscription service. Every month, you get a PDF with a list of High PR sites that you can open personal profiles with or place comments on. The only difference is that Paul provides a list of 50 High PR sites every month, while Angela provides 30. Another difference is that Paul’s backlinks come from PR 4 and 5 sites, as well as higher PR sites. Angela on the other hand focuses on PR6 to PR9.

Now you can find such sites yourself but it is time consuming. You trade money for time by subscribing to their packets.

One word of caution. Don’t be in a rush. Open accounts at the sites/forums recommended by Angela or Paul without putting any links. Let them just sit there for a couple of weeks. Then add a couple of links and if possible, participate a little in a discussion or two. On blogs, you can comment and participate right away. For example, you can post comments below or ask questions or share your experiences / knowledge on this blog right away. It doesn’t have to be a long essay. Just read the topic and participate a little. In return, you get link juice and you also get traffic from other users.

Here are the links to Angela’s and Paul’s Backlinks packets / packages:

Leave  your comments / questions below. I would love to hear from you.

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