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Lower payout structure

Izea needs to lower payout structure

By BloggerKhan

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By BloggerKhan

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In response to MyLikes and RevTwt offering a pay per click advertising model, Izea has also started offering Pay Per Click advertising through it’s Sponsored Tweets unit. Where it still lags behind is it’s payout model. As a publisher, i.e., Twitter account holder or tweeter, you can’t cash out your earnings from tweeting Ads till you have at least $50 in your account. That really plays a number on publishers as they can’t see tangible results in terms of cash in hand. MyLikes on the other hand let’s you cash out every week as long as you have at least $2 while RevTwt has a cash out threshold of $20.

Izea needs to lower it’s cash out. Anywhere in the range of $5 or $10 would be good. The easier you make it for publishers, the more eager they would be to promote it.

Where Izea still has an edge is it’s referral system. If you promote Sponsored Tweets and a tweeter signs up using one of your links you will receive 10% of SponsoredTweets portion of revenue for each successful transaction that Tweeter makes. Earnings expire after two years per referral. MyLikes does offer a referral bonus but it insists that the tweeter you refer must have more followers than followings. That’s not going to happen so you will never get that $4 bonus they advertise.

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