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What is auto blogging – How does it work?

By BloggerKhan

My profession is Management and Marketing and it revolves around outsourcing, ecommerce and marketing on the internet. Wise men say identify what you are passionate about and then see if ...

By BloggerKhan

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What is auto blogging and How does it work?

The tremendous activity generated by the launch  of Auto Blog System X prompted the question of what is auto blogging? Well it relates to blogging and it relates to making money from blogging but in an automated manner.

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A traditional blog like Bloggerkhan.com is a one person blog. I write an article and post it on my blog. People subscribe to my blog via RSS, email or Twitter. When I write a new post, my readers get notified by RSS, or Twitter or by scheduled email. Others just make it a habit to visit my blog once in a while. Some tie a Google Alert to their Reader like Google Reader and every time I have a new post, it shows up on their reader. There are several other readers besides Google but I just want to explain how content is delivered from a blog.

Search engines index my blog and if they like the content, it shows very prominently on searches.

All the above is great for me as it draws more and more people to my blog. I monetize the traffic through Ads on my site and many people sign up for my mailing list which is another plus.

Now my blog is related to internet marketing and people with that field of interest visit. What if I create another blog about Golf and post golf related Ads and affiliate offers on that blog. That will create another source of revenue for me. So why don’t I keep creating new blogs every day? Because somebody has to generate content for these blogs. Even if I write all day long, I can’t possibly create content for more than a few blogs.

I can hire a group of writers and make them write all day. That is very viable and some do but is expensive. The rewards are greater in the end but the upfront payroll expenses are more than an average person can afford.

What if we can automate the process of creating new blogs somehow, snatch content from wherever, post it on the blog, slap some Ads on it and move on to the next blog. That is exactly what is called auto blogging.

The key components of auto blogging are:

  1. Automation – You need software to:
    1. Create new blogs for you
    2. Update the blogs. Every three months there is a new version of WordPress and plugins get updated even more frequently. If you don’t have an automation tool to do this, you will soon get bogged down in maintenance and would have no time left to create new sites.
    3. Backup your blogs. Very important. Funny things happen on the internet and if you don’t have backups, one fine day you may find yourself without your blogs with nothing to re-create from.
    4. Get content. You will use tools called RSS aggregators to get RSS feeds from other blogs, news sites, article directories and affiliate networks. The RSS aggregators make a blog post out of these feeds and post it on your blog.
    5. Promote your blog. You have blogs created, loaded with content and ADs but where are you going to get traffic from. Good auto blogging software packages will include software that helps you promote your blog to search engines, directories, RSS feeds and social media to drive traffic to your site.
  2. Choosing the right CPA offers:
    1. You pick the niches that you want to target and select related products and Ads from CPA networks like ClickBank, Commission Junction etc.
    2. Link the affiliate offers and Ads to your auto blogs
    3. Experiment, experiment, experiment – keep the winners, discard the others.
  3. Swallow your pride:
    Blogs generated through automated tools are generally not very pleasing to the eye, nor do they have original content. You won’t be proudly telling your relatives about them. But they are effective.
  4. Make decent money:
    Your auto blogging tools combined with your test and discard methods will help you expand. With experience, you will be able to select niches that have better potential. Some blogs will make you just a few dollars a month, others several thousands. Over the span of a few years, you will end up with an auto blogging empire that all put together can generate substantial income for you.

Popular products in the world of auto blogging:

There are quite a few products that serve the auto blogging niche, some free, some high dollar and some in between. Having choices is good but it also gives you a new headache. You keep wondering which product is right for me. Maybe you bought a product but are wondering if there was a better alternative. So I did a good bit of research and figured out which service provides which feature and at what cost.

I have compiled my research as ‘Review and Comparison of Auto Blogging Services, Tools and Products’ and you are most welcome to download it. It’s Free. Enter your Name and Email in the box here and it will be emailed to you.

I hope this article helped. Good Luck!



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8 Thoughts to What is auto blogging – How does it work?

  1. Free advertisement December 28, 2011 at 12:21 am

    Nice sharing about auto blogging.

  2. Fiona Bosticky October 7, 2010 at 12:36 am

    Part of me likes the idea of auto-blogging, and part of me really doesn't.  I guess if it's for a website with affiliate products and links, then it might be ok.  But I definitely wouldn't recommend it for a small business blog, or "personal" blogger.  What makes some blogs great is the "personality" of the blogger, and how they engage you when you comment on their opinions, and share their posts across social media networks.

    I tend to unfollow people on twitter who look like they are using auto-tweets as well.  I don't know how they can overcome looking so "automated" 🙂



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