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The impact of voice search

The impact of voice search on your SEO strategy

By BloggerKhan

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By BloggerKhan

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As smart phones have become ubiquitous, the use of voice search keeps growing. Seeing it’s popularity, Google had to rethink its approach to voice searches and does it differently than conventional text search. Here are some points to ponder and readjust your SEO.

    1. People on mobile devices quite often use voice commands to do search. Voice search queries tend to favor more contextual, natural phrases over conventional short-tail search verbiage. Common voice searches can often exceed seven word phrases which we would normally call extremely long-tail keywords compared to traditional desktop and mobile searches.
      An example of a desktop search might be “WordPress Tech Support.” By contrast, the same customer may use voice search to ask, “Who provides emergency WordPress Tech Support in Dallas?” Being the top result for both search queries could be a big plus. But not easy especially when you take into account the regional and cultural variances of languages.
    2. In a conventional search, you can be # 2 or 3 or anywhere on the first page and you will do well. Not so on voice searches as the user may never get that opportunity to scroll down or see additional results with their titles and descriptions. So being # 1 has a huge advantage in voice searches.
    3. In addition to tailoring your content to both voice and conventional searches, make sure your website is mobile friendly. Google has a whole slew of guidelines for that. Your web developer and web designer need to consult with you and each other to optimize your website for mobile without ditching desktop.

Have you done some experimentation on adjusting to voice searches? If so, please share your results in the comments below. Thank You.

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