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Web Developer for Charities

Web Developer for Charities

Looking for web developers for your charity’s website? Before you hire one, here are some points to discuss with your web developer. The objectives of a charitable / non-profit organization’s website are a bit different than a commercial organization. …

How to find a good social media manager

How to find a good Social Media Manager

You may already be convinced that your business needs a social media manager but how and where do you find a good social media manager. That’s not easy. You can go with a company that manages social media for clients or you can hire individual freelancers. But how and where do you find such people. Read on…

Small Business web master

Being small doesn’t have to mean being ignorant

Have you ever wondered why Google searches don’t pull that many local small businesses and you end up with big national chains in search results even when you would prefer to give some of your business to small local businesses. The problem is not with Google. It’s the small local businessman’s reluctance to embrace the internet …

Urgent WordPress Tech Support

WordPress Tech Support – Urgent and emergency WordPress help

If you are using WordPress without support or if your technical support term has expired, you will have to look for companies that offer emergency WordPress Technical Support. These companies have qualified and experienced web developers and designers who can diagnose and fix problems in a reasonable amount of time. Thanks to the global reach of the internet, you can ask for and receive help no matter where you are. One such company that provides WordPress Tech Support is InterloperInc.com and you can visit their WordPress specific page at http://interloperinc.com

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