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GVO vs GDI – which one is better

By BloggerKhan

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By BloggerKhan

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Many people are unsure about GVO and GDI and want to know which one is best for them in terms of earnings potential and usage. I hope the following review and comparison helps clarify the differences between the two very good programs.

  1. GVO is a web hosting company, GDI is a domain registrar. The GDI domains are .ws instead of the more common .com or .net. But they work just the same.
  2. GDI let’s you host a website but it is a bit limited in functions allowed.
  3. GVO in it’s basic package let’s you host 4 domains / websites similar to shared hosting provided by other hosting companies. GDI only lets you host one site.
  4. GVO provides a whole slew of resources to help you build your website and to promote it. GDI relies on it’s affiliates to train their downline.
  5. GVO is folksy in it’s presentations. GDI is very professional in it’s marketing material, videos etc.
  6. Both cost $10 / month.
  7. Both are MLM / network marketing companies.
  8. GDI has been around a little longer than GVO.
  9. GVO’s strength is the product. People sign up for GVO to use it’s hosting and website promotional tools. GDI’s strength is it’s earning potential. You can sell GVO for it’s product and it’s earning potential. You sell GDI primarily for it’s earning potential.

GVO’s training helps you build a better website and promote your business no matter what it is. Many people sign up for GVO just to use it’s hosting and tools to setup and promote their business whether it is selling widgets or information products. Others sign up for it’s network marketing potential. Some sign up to take advantage of both.

Key features of GVO’s plan are:

  1. Auto Responder: You need to build your email marketing list and then send offers to your list. You get this included with GVO’s basic Host Then Profit Plan.
  2. You get GVO’s video hosting program. You can upload and host your videos with GVO instead of YouTube and maintain better control of your material.
  3. You get a video conference room to use for training, marketing, etc. It is a great tool to communicate with prospects, customers, employees and affiliates/agents.
  4. GVO Academy: Live daily training to help you set up your site and to help you better use the tools available.

Both GVO and GDI provide an opportunity to earn supplemental income by promoting them. You can earn a decent income with both. What works best for you only you can decide. The following comparison between GDI and GVO will help you make a more informed decision.

Feature GVO GDI
Base Plan $9.95/month $10/month
Premium Plan $44.95/month $50/month
Domain Registration No Yes. However; if you stop paying the $10/month membership, you lose your domain. $120 a year to keep the domain gets expensive
Email Accounts Yes Yes
Hosting Yes. Host up to 4 domains with MYSQL and PHP Yes. One domain. Limited in functionality though
Autoresponder Yes No
Video Hosting Yes No
Blog Builder Yes No but they have an easy website builder tool
Web Conferencing Yes No
Live daily training Yes No
Compensation Plan
Weekly Referral Bonus (WB) $100 for every 5 referrals in a 7 day period $100 for every 5 referrals in a 7 day period
Monthly Residual Bonus (MRB) $500 for the first 100 directly sponsored active members. Goes up by $250 for every 50 people beyond 100. None
Monthly Top Performer Bonus (MTB) 10% of the company’s net profits to be shared among the top 20 affiliates None
Matching Bonus (MB) 20% matching bonus on all direct referrals paid monthly None
Earned Profit Position Every 14 upgraded referrals, you receive 1 profit position to be placed anywhere in your matrix (requires 6 direct referrals to unlock) You can move direct referrals under your downline in their initial one week trial period
Regular compensation 100% commission on all direct referrals if over 25 referrals in a one month period ($9.95 level) in their first month, Paid down 10 levels, unlimited width, then 5% on levels 1-10 every month thereafter ($0.50 – $4.98) $1/month down 5 levels (unlimited width) for base members, $15/month for all direct referred upgraded members, and $5 /month for all other upgraded members, down 5 levels.
Monthly income on new sign-ups if signing up to 25 direct referrals per week, i.e., 4 x 25 = 100 referrals /month $500/week in WB = $2000
$9.95 per referral = $995
Residual Bonus = $500
Total: $3,495/month
$500/week in WB = $2000
$1 per referral = $100
Total: $2100/month

The features above are for the basic plans. The GVO premium plan offers a ton of features related to hosting that we have not mentioned above.

Both GVO and GDI have good plans and different people have had success with both. You can promote both if you like and some people do. Of late, most of the GDI big hitters have been promoting GVO more aggressively as they see better value for their effort. What works best for you only you can decide. We hope the above review helped.

Good Luck!

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