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GVO vs GDI – which one is better

Many people are unsure about GVO and GDI and want to know which one is best for them in terms of earnings potential and usage. I hope the following review and comparison helps clarify the differences between the two very good programs. GVO is a web hosting company, GDI is a domain registrar. The GDI […]

All about GDI

All about GDI

GDI – Global Domains International The subject of GDI as a work from home / home business opportunity is becoming bigger and bigger so I thought I’ll break it up into smaller modules. Hopefully this way it will make more sense. What is GDI How do you make money with GDI How to succeed at […]

What is GDI

What is GDI

What is GDI – Global Domains International GDI or Global Domains International is an establised Inc. 500 company that manages the .ws domain names on the internet. Domain names are the web addresses that companies have on the internet. For example, google.com is a domain name. eBay.com, interloper.com, verizon.net are all examples of domain names. […]

How to succeed

How to succeed at GDI

How to succeed at GDI It’s not an easy question to answer. I have studied the methods of various high achievers at GDI and the bulk of them made their name quite a few years back. They met success with a method or two and they stuck with it to reach glory. After that, their […]

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