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Why should I consider freelancing

Why you should consider freelancing

By BloggerKhan

My profession is Management and Marketing and it revolves around outsourcing, ecommerce and marketing on the internet. Wise men say identify what you are passionate about and then see if ...

By BloggerKhan

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Are you looking for a part-time job so you can earn some extra cash or some much needed work experience? Do you want an opportunity to work on things you are passionate about but you are not able to commit full-time? Freelancing is one of the answers to all of the above.

Why freelance?

Let us do things by the book. We shall begin with a little definition. First, we will explain what freelancing is. Freelancing is when you offer your services to different companies, do various tasks that are paid by the hour/day/job rather than a monthly salary. It may involve small jobs such as rewriting an article or editing an e-book, to bigger jobs such as designing a website or translating an entire book. There are all kinds of opportunities. You need only look for them. There are a lot of websites that list small projects and you can check our outsourcing resources page for a list of them. Yes, indeed, you can proofread articles. Yes, you are good at coming up with marketing ideas. Then why not get paid for it? Even if you are a student looking for a part time gig, simply to make ends meet, you do not want to miss this chance. Head to one of the freelancing platforms and get started even if it’s a small project.

Top 3 reasons why you should consider freelancing:

  1. Extra money

If your top priority is to make some extra cash and make it fast, you should jump at this opportunity. No more lazy afternoons or binge watching TV shows on Netflix. Start spending your free time productively. You are going to learn new things and earn money while doing so. Can it get any better than that?

  1. Experience

Every freelance job is different and you will be learning new things every day. Months down the road, you will show your portfolio as proof of your skills and the work you have done, even reference particular projects and find that it has all been super helpful. You will appreciate the small projects even more and with the experience you have gained through time, you will finish your tasks faster and with better quality. Eventually, all that seemingly hard work will pay off.

  1. Variety

Are you one of those people that gets bored doing the same thing over and over again? Then you should totally consider freelancing as it gives you the variety you need. Freelancing can be anything from data entry to writing a short story, blog post to translation, writing an entire e-book or designing a logo. Start small and work your way up. Or try a big project if you feel particularly ambitious. Whatever works for you.

Convinced? Get registered on one of the freelancing portals and start making some money!

Some additional factoids:

* 53 million Americans work as Freelancers, according to one study
* Freelancers and Independent contractors earn 17% more per hour than conventional employees
* But they have lower earnings over the course of their careers because they work fewer hours
* They also don’t receive the traditional benefits packages that full-time employees do
* Nearly 80% of Freelancers work less than 40 hours / week on 5 or fewer clients
* 27% of construction workers are employed in alternative work arrangements
* Los Angeles has more contract workers than any other U.S. City.
* 23.9% of Americans age 55-75 are engaged in alternative work arrangements, the most of any group.
* 60% of companies plan to hire more freelancers than full-time employees
* Companies save 30% on payroll by treating workers as independent contractors
– Source: Money magazine

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