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Work from home opportunities for seniors

Part Time work from home business opportunities for seniors

By BloggerKhan

My profession is Management and Marketing and it revolves around outsourcing, ecommerce and marketing on the internet. Wise men say identify what you are passionate about and then see if ...

By BloggerKhan

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Retirement is great right? All day you do nothing – maybe play golf and laze around the pool taking in the rays. Watch movies, read papers, visit with the grand children … And you don’t have to worry about money because you have your pension and social security and that nice nest egg just in case. The reality is different – very different.

Hundreds of thousands of seniors are in a very tight financial squeeze. In the last three to four years, prices have almost doubled and social security / pensions have not kept pace. Congress is always threatening to cut medical benefits. On top of that many people lost their pensions when their pension funds went under.

So what do you do? You still have to eat, pay rent and utility bills, go to the doctor, buy medicines, need money for gas and maintenance. So you try to find a part time job. That should be easy right? Alas! there are a lot of younger unemployed people who are competing with you for every measly position and employers tend to hire younger people. It’s embarrassing and demeaning but that’s how it is.

Bottom Line – odds are stacked against seniors who want to supplement their income.

What to do? How can seniors supplement their income? How can seniors survive?

There is no easy answer but one thing that does hold potential is working from home. Call it a home based business or call it part time work. If you get into the right program, for a small sum of $10 to $50 / month, you can embark on an internet based home business that in a few weeks can start supplementing your income.

A traditional business requires tens of thousands of dollars just to start and most small business fail. Even if you have that kind of money, why risk it when you know there is no replenishing it. It’s best to start something where the risk is minimal. Even if it fails, you don’t loose more than a couple of meals worth of money.

The internet is an amazing medium. It opens up a whole world of possibilities that previously weren’t there. You have the wisdom of the years and experience behind you. If you get started with the right team, you can make good progress in a short time. The toughest thing is making your first dollar. Once you get going, the rest is refining your methods and ratcheting up the volume.

In addition to supplementing your income, working from home has additional advantages:

  • No commute and no commute expenses
  • You can take care of other loved ones if you are home
  • You set your own hours. If you are a night owl, work at night. If you are an early bird, work in the morning. If you don’t feel like working a certain day, don’t.

You may think there are so many things to learn about internet marketing. How am I ever going to handle that. I’ll have to learn designing web sites, html, videos, social bookmarking, that Twitter thing, writing blogs and how am I going to approach people. Yes these are all valid fears. If you first try to learn all these things, it may take a long time and you don’t necessarily have time on your side.

A better alternative is to join a team that already has a system in place. You focus on using the system not on inventing it. As your experience grows, you can add more to it. It’s like having a McDonald’s franchise versus opening your own restaurant. It is easier to succeed if you join an already in place functional and successful system than re-inventing it all yourself.

Would you mind if we invite you to join our system and start supplementing your income? Fill out the form and we will email you additional details. There are no obligations.

Once you click Submit, an email will be sent to you. Upon confirming your email, we will send you the details. We have to go through all these hoops to avoid spam complaints. We hope you understand.

Please check your junk/spam folders also just in case our email lands there. Thank You.

Looking forward to your joining us on the road to financial independence.

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