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By BloggerKhan

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By BloggerKhan

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Many of you are using Hootsuite for managing your social media presence. Hootsuite is a good tool and can help you bring some order to your social life. Many of you have questions that are hard to figure out beforehand and sometimes prevent you from upgrading your account. Hopefully these answers will help you make your decision.

  1. Is Pinterest management possible?
    Yes through an App. Go to Install App – Tailwind for Hootsuite. For scheduling, install Tailwind for Chrome extension and use Chrome.
  2. Instagram Scheduling – Is that possible?
    Yes but in a round about way – You’ll need the Hootsuite Instagram Mobile App. It is a semi-automatic process. You can’t set and forget.
  3. Can I create a search stream that searches all social media for specific keywords
    Search streams will be specific to one social network as not all social networks provide the same access to Hootsuite. This is due to their own security systems. Right now, Search streams are limited to Twitter words/phrases, Twitter Users, and Instagram.
  4. How to add Linkedin Groups?
    You cannot.
  5. Can I send a Connect request to a Linkedin Poster through Hootsuite?
    You cannot. Hootsuite does not have access to connections at this time. Should LinkedIn grant them access, they will implement.
  6. Why can’t I comment on Linkedin updates in my Home Stream
    LinkedIn gives Hootsuite limited access, mainly just for posting purposes. Currently, Hootsuite does not have access to commenting on updates.
  7. Why I can comment on some Instagram posts in my search stream but not on other Instagram Posts in the same stream?
    Hootsuite is working on it. Seems to be a technical glitch.
  8. Can I schedule WordPress.org posts.
    Yes by installing the WordPress.org plugin from the APP Directory
  9. What other social media platforms does Hootsuite interface with?
    Plugins available for Blogger, Stumbleupon and Reddit,
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