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Tips to write a Great Press Release

12 Tips to write a Great Press Release

By BloggerKhan

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By BloggerKhan

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Press Releases can be used as a strong marketing tool that can promote your business and grow your customer base. They are a formal written communication that reports an event, product launch, personnel move or any other relevant information. Since, they serve marketing and promotional purposes, it becomes essential to draft the content with utmost proficiency.

  1. Reasons to Issue a Press Release:
    A press release is an advertisement content sent from a company to grab consumers attention and enhance the brand’s outreach. If your company has come up with a new product or recoding setting sale or any special information that you want to publish, then press releases can be a sought-after option. Here are a few tips for writing an effective press release.

    Tip# 1: Press Releases should consist of information worth reading that promotes the interest of the editor as well as the readers.

  2. Drafting a Press Release:
    How to write and promote press releases

    Use Press Releases to your advantage

    Press Releases are sent to the reporter of a media company. The better drafted a press release is, the higher the chances it gets to be published. Press releases begin with a headline followed by a subheading. The first paragraph of the release is an introductory part while the second paragraph of the release contains detailed view of the event or the product. Finally, the draft is concluded with a summary of all the information provided in the above sections. At the end, a brief information about the company is also provided.

    Tip #2: Press Releases are formally written and should be drafted in third person.

  3. Help the Editor:
    A Press Release should be written in such a way that a reporter can just copy and paste it onto the page of a newspaper. Reporters are over worked and quite often behind on a deadline. Don’t make them work harder than is necessary. Unless It’s genuinely front page news, you’re depending on their indulgence. As it is, their antennae are always on high alert for commercial operations trying to get editorial content (otherwise known as a free ad), so don’t make them wade through your corporate speil.

    Tip #3: Be a friend of the editor. Make life easy for him and he will reward you with free coverage.Constituents of a Press Release.

  4. Headline:
    The Headline is the first thing that would seek attention of the editor/reporter. It is a gateway that would pull journalists / Editors towards your story.

    Tip #4: Headline should be simple, short but attention seeking.

  5. Sub Heading:
    A Sub Heading is a sentence that conveys the information about that the press release. It is an insight into the information contained in the report.

    Tips to write a Great Press Release

    Tips to write a Great Press Release

    Tip #5: Subheading should a sentence that encourages the reader to read on.

  6. Introductory Paragraph:
    The first paragraph consists of the introduction of the news you want to share. Since newspapers and print media have space limitations, it is imperative that the first paragraph should be drafted such that it is complete in itself. Even if the editor wants to limit the content till the first paragraph, make sure that it contains all the information you want to share.

    Tip #6: Introductory paragraph should be precise and complete in itself.

  7. Middle Paragraph:
    The second paragraph adds more detail to the information in the first. In this section, you can add statistics and quote words said by the spokesperson of the firm. The paragraph should not be a repetition of the first paragraph rather it should enhance the information.

    Tip #7: Middle Paragraph should enrich the content through statistics and quotes from the spokesperson or someone close to the company.

  8. Concluding Paragraph:
    The third para sums up all the information/ news provided in the earlier paragraphs. It is important that the ending should invite customers to read more on the topic by visiting the website or calling the company.

    Tip #8: The ending should be formal yet engaging for the targeted readers.

  9. Company Information:
    At the end of the press release, provide details of the company. The purpose of the press release is to increase the consumer base. Hence, it is essential to provide contact emails, website and social links.

    Tip #9: Make sure you have a well maintained website and active social accounts.Other Considerations:
    Press releases are formal methods of communication. Therefore, it is important to follow an aaccepted format. Here are few more tips that would help in making your press Release more Impressive:

  10. Tip #10: Include your Company’s logo or graphics as it adds an edge to the content.
  11. Tip #11: The Press Release should be grammatically correct, as it would have higher probability of being published.
  12. Tip # 12: Send your press releases to multiple news outlets, both conventional and online only. You never know which one may decide to publish it and give you free coverage.

We hope the above suggestions will help you in framing an impressive and engaging Press Release. Drawing Attention requires an impactful Presentation. Once you get the hang of it, writing press releases become a breeze.

How to write a press release

How to write a press release

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