May 052015
Odesk changes name to Upwork

Odesk re-brands itself as Upwork in a very suspicious manner. Usually when Odesk is making a change, even maintenance, it alerts everyone beforehand. Yet today (May 5, 2015), their servers were down for more than 2 hours and when they came back up, they had renamed themselves UpWork. I thought they had been hacked. Why not take your user base into confidence beforehand? Why the secrecy? Why the name change? Is the merger with Elance in trouble? Time will tell.

Some nuggets from Upwork’s new CEO Stephane Kasriel:

  1. He says that currently its platform generates $1 billion worth of jobs. Since Upwork takes a 10 percent cut, that means its revenues are around the $100 million mark.
  2. Kasriel adds - "Still, there is a lot of room to grow: the company estimates that the contractor job market is worth some $1 trillion annually, something that Upwork hopes to tackle with its existing network covering 180 countries and some 2,700 skills". Kasriel says "the aim in the next six years will be to grow the value of jobs filled on its platform to $10 billion".
  3. The company says that today there are some 50 million freelancers in the U.S. alone. “This is a mainstream business,” Kasriel says. And that will inevitably lead the company down the road to other kinds of products and services to meet that audience. 

Happy freelancing.

Mar 242013

If customers call you to place orders, does that make you a sales rep? Should you be given a commission on that sale? Many an outfit puts people on the phone desk and calls them sales reps. Customers call in and place orders. All these so called sales reps. do is take orders. That should not be a commissionable job. This is the function of an order desk, not a sales rep. A sales rep. in my opinion is a person who makes the sale happen. He calls accounts, solicits orders, develops existing accounts so they buy more from the company and find new customers. Order taking is one part of a sales rep’s job and wherever possible, that process [Read More …]

Mar 172013

You would think that if you buy something for X dollars, and sell it on eBay at over four times that, you should be making a profit. Maybe – maybe not. On bigger dollar value products, that quite often may be true but on smaller parts, your basic minimum costs may be too high to turn a profit. Many a newbie doesn’t realize this soon enough. They keep buying and selling and after a lot of running around, they have less money at the end of the month than they started with. They wonder how it can be. They eventually learn – but the hard way. I have put together a spreadsheet that will help you evaluate every product that [Read More …]

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