Aug 162015

outsourcing eBay Listing Services

Should I hire somebody for listing products on eBay. Yes. Full time or part time? Depends on the volume of work.

Data Entry type of jobs are the easiest to outsource but be careful with the quality of English and grammar you desire. If you are going to provide the text, then it's less of a worry but if you want the data entry person to formulate and write the Title and Body Text, then you need to hire a little more carefully. People with good English cost a little bit more but they are still half the price of local data entry people. If your volume of work justifies it, you may hire multiple people to create eBay listings for you.

Would you require image resizing or editing? If so, make sure you let the freelancer know that beforehand. Not everyone can handle images and eBay has gotten very strict about it's image size and quality guidelines.

You may want to do a test run of 10 to 20 hours. See what kind of information they need from you, how they create the descriptions, can they adjust picture sizes, make the page look better and list accurately. If the test run requires that you adjust your methodology, then do so. If it shows the provider being reluctant to use common sense, encourage him as quite often it is a fear of making errors. If it still does not help, then maybe you need to find a new provider.

One of the reason data entry gets outsourced so often is that you prepare your part of the work during the day and then send the files to the outsourcer on the other side of the world. They do the data entry / create eBay listings while you sleep. When you wake up, your products are already listed and people are bidding and buying them already.

If your products are price sensitive, your freelancer can also do price comparisons for you. You'll be surprised how good lower cost staff can help you do more business.

As you get comfortable and start doing more business at a lower cost, you may want to explore additional items to add to your website or upload the same products to other marketing portals like, Amazon, Rakuten etc.

Feel free to contact us for a quote on our Data Entry and eBay Listing Services.

Aug 102015
Google Mobile Friendly Test - Failed to fetch the requested URL

My website failed the Google mobile friendly test, what do I do? How do I get back in Google's good books?

As developers we get these calls from clients every now and then. Sometimes it is an access issues on the .htaccess or robots.txt files that are blocking Google from crawling / accessing your website. At other times, it is malware / viruses on your website that is preventing Google from crawling your website.

What do do? Hire a developer to troubleshoot it for you. If you don't, Google will not index your website and that could result in lost business through search results.

Did that help?

Aug 082015

The core reason for outsourcing is saving money. It is expensive to hire someone full time especially if the volume of work isn't enough to justify a full time person. Or, you believe, if you outsource the work, you can get it done cheaper. That is the good part of outsourcing. But why do many outsourcing projects fail? The biggest reason in my opinion is poor communication. Sometimes that gap is linguistic in nature, sometimes neither party is willing to work in the other's time zone, sometimes the business owner just does not realize he needs to do a better job at explaining his business process to the outsourcing company.

If you are so busy that you cannot spare time enough to explain your tasks to your outsourcing service provider or test his work or give him timely feedback, you should not outsource. It's not going to work. Being an outsourcing company, we have all kinds of clients and we go through such time deficient clients all the time. A two weeks project may linger for months and more often than not such projects result in cancellations, bad feedback for both sides and overall a frustrating and wasteful exercise.

Another issue that comes up again and again is when the business owner thinks a one liner explains what he wants done. We see posts like 'I want an ecommerce component added to my website' and they solicit fixed priced bids. Now the experienced and smart providers won't even bid on such projects as they know on the other end is an inexperienced business owner and this job will result in a disaster. Those that don't know any better or are desperate for business bid. The business owner picks the lowest bidder and the project starts. The developer after a few weeks tells the owner the job is completed and he can check it out. When he checks it out he says "This is not what I wanted" and starts throwing a fit. He complains to everyone, refuses to pay and spoils the whole atmosphere. Everybody loses.

If you think you may also have a hard time explaining everything in detail, hire an outsourcing company on an hourly basis so they are not under pressure to get everything completed within a certain budget and you can explain things as you go and pay on actuals. Also make sure it's a company you can talk to on the telephone. Helps a lot. We as an outsourcing company are the happiest on hourly jobs and it has been our experience that hourly projects result in the happiest clients. Once the project is completed, it's also easy to transition hourly jobs into ongoing maintenance.

I hope that helped.

Aug 062015

In the wild wild west of the internet era that we are living in, getting hacked is a reality of life. If you haven't been hacked yet, you are going to be. It is also quite possible that you have been hacked but you just don't know about it. Quite often your hosting company will suspend your account and send you a brief message that there is malware and viruses on your website and you need to remove them before they will un-suspend your account.

So what do you do if your website has been hacked? How do you de-hack your website? You hire a developer to take care of it. If you have an ongoing maintenance contract with a developer, quite often he can help. If he doesn't do that, he can refer you to someone who does. If you have backups, that will help. If not, you will be in a bit of a dicey situation and it may take developers 20 to 30 hours to remove malware, viruses and similar nefarious items from your website.

Once your website is de-hacked, please make sure you do regular backups, make your passwords more complex and also ask your hosting company to tighten up their security. Keeping your website's software updated also helps.

Good Luck!

Jul 292015

Behavioral Economics is one of my favorite subjects and that is an area Dan Ariely frequently talks about. Ever wonder why so many infomercials and Internet Ads offer something for FREE. Like Buy one get one Free or get the item FREE just pay for S&H? Even eBay nudges its merchants towards giving free shipping as they show significantly better buys when free shipping is offered even though the total cost may be the same.

Watch the video - you'll learn something.


Jul 032015

Hourly vs Fixed. Shall I hire on an hourly basis or a fixed cost basis. Considering outsourcing? Planning to hire on Upwork, Elance or Freelancer? What should you do if you have a similar situation? Here are some tips.

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