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How to find a good translator

How to find a good translator

You think you may have a good market for your book in Punjabi or your website translated into Arabic. You don’t know either of these languages. What do you do? Should you search on Google or one of those freelancing portals? How do I about it? This article will help you get started in the right direction …

Need content developers

5 Tips on Content Development

Many businesses start a blog as an add-on to their and that’s good strategy as a blog develops an informal relationship with clients and with prospects and you learn, and it helps your clients learn from you and from your general marketplace if you keep your blog stream full of useful content and most businesses start with the good intentions and they start with a lot of zest but after a few weeks this starts dropping the ball because content development takes time, and if you’re a small business, you don’t have time, there are so many items that demand your time that you cannot simply do everything and unfortunately most people let their blog go stale. Every now and then they post something but that’s about it and they lose the very thing that they started to engage their customers. So what to do. Well, we’ve found through our experience that I’ll share with you some very good strategies that probably if you use the same strategies it would help you a lot.