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How to market your services as a Virtual Assistant

How to market your services as a Virtual Assistant

Are you thinking about becoming a Virtual Assistant, part time or full time? You are not alone. The explosion of the internet all over the world has opened up opportunities that previously did not exist. The world has become smaller and you can work at hours that suit you…

Ideas #sidehustle

What’s your idea of a #sidehustle – let me share some pointers.

Many people are looking for a sidehustle and yes it makes sense to generate a little extra income whenever you have some time. It doesn’t have to be a lot but even if it makes up for a car payment, that could be enough. The problem is everyone cannot be an Uber driver so what else is out there..

Appreciate even the small projects

Appreciate even the small projects

Are you an ambitious entrepreneur looking for that big project that will help you hit the ball right out of the ball park? Are you getting frustrated by the elusiveness of such big projects. You keep declining small projects as you think they are not worth your time. Well this article is right up your alley then. Read on ..

Why should I consider freelancing

Why you should consider freelancing

Are you looking for a part-time job so you can earn some extra cash or some much needed work experience? Do you want an opportunity to work on things you are passionate about but you are not able to commit full-time? Freelancing is one of the answers to all of the above. Read on …

Upwork posting fake jobs

Fake Job Posts by Upwork

Upwork is posting fake jobs. If you are a freelancer applying to jobs, be forewarned. The bid credits that you are buying may be a total waste of money.

Odesk changes name to Upwork

Odesk Re-brands as Upwork

Odesk changes its name to Upwork in a very suspicious manner. Why not take your user base into confidence beforehand? Why the secrecy? Why the name change? Is the merger with Elance in trouble?

Is Odesk in trouble

Is Odesk in trouble?

Talk about a falling star – Odesk, once the hard charging outsourcing portal seems to have fallen into decay. Is it safe to do business on Odesk anymore? Critical article.

Alternate sites for job seekers

Alternate websites for job hunting and posting resumes

The job market continues to be weak so I thought I can help people by listing alternate and additional avenues of job hunting and resume submission services. Did a little research and came up with a collection of resume listing / job hunting websites. Maybe one of them is just the right one for you. […]

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