Aug 162012
Review of Mike Filsaime's Micro Model Business System

Mike Filsaime has released his latest venture, the ‘Micro Model Business System’ geared towards those who are relatively new to the world of internet marketing. In this review of ‘Micro Model Business System’ we will see what this system includes and if this business system can help you. If you are not familiar with Mike Filsaime, he is a veteran marketer and a very successful one. Over the last few years, he has been gearing his systems more towards the new and less experienced crowd and that requires a lot of automation so members have to do less and less. That way they can focus on a few key areas. What most people struggle with is creating a product to [Read More …]

Aug 042012

Russell Brunson has an internet marketing course called DotComSecrets while Lee McIntyre has a course called ‘Internet Lifestyle‘. Both courses are targeted towards those who know a little bit about internet marketing but haven’t had much success yet. If you are thinking about taking a course but are not sure which one maybe right for you, think about your time frame and objectives. If you are not in a mad rush but want to actively learn internet marketing, then DotComSecrets maybe the better course for you. It is on a monthly subscription basis and every month, you focus on an area of interest. For example, in the first month, they teach building a mailing list via advertising on SafeLists. The [Read More …]

Jul 012012

Many people are unsure about GVO and GDI and want to know which one is best for them in terms of earnings potential and usage. I hope the following review and comparison helps clarify the differences between the two very good programs. GVO is a web hosting company, GDI is a domain registrar. The GDI domains are .ws instead of the more common .com or .net. But they work just the same. GDI let’s you host a website but it is a bit limited in functions allowed. GVO in it’s basic package let’s you host 4 domains / websites similar to shared hosting provided by other hosting companies. GDI only lets you host one site. GVO provides a whole slew [Read More …]

May 302012
Colocation Services Review and Comparison

Colocation Services: Colocation is a hosting option for small and mid size businesses who don’t yet have the resources of larger corporations like their own data centers with redundant power sources, networks, multiple high speed lines etc. They need all those services but can’t afford them yet. Colocation services come to the rescue. There are scores of data centers that cater to this need of small and mid sized businesses. Colocation allows you to place your own hardware (server) in someone else’s rack and share their bandwidth as your own. You also take advantage of their power generators, controlled temperature environment, redundant routing and high speed lines. It costs more than dedicated servers hosted at an ISP and also more than [Read More …]

Apr 292012
Dedicated Servers Review and Comparison

Dedicated Servers Review and Comparison   When you outgrow a shared server, you upgrade to a vps server. When even a vps server won’t cut it any more, it’s time to graduate to a dedicated server. Dedicated hosting or having a dedicated server means that you are assigned a server class computer that hosts only your site(s) and is not shared with anybody else. A Dedicated Server includes an Operating System usually some variant of Linux or Windows, related software such as a SQL Server, Control Panel and other server management and security software. You are provided a broadband connection to the internet with multiple power and network redundancies, all housed in the web hosting company’s data center. You can [Read More …]

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