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Product descriptions that convert

Product descriptions that convert

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Try and explain what kind of situations your product is better suited for. For example: if you are selling a set of 4 golf wedges, explain why some golf instructors believe that you should carry 4 wedges instead of 2, why the short game is so important and how this set of 4 golf wedges will help them lower their scores. Explain the specifications also but later. First romance the concept and then the facts.

Product descriptions that convert

Write Product descriptions that convert

Pictures and short videos matter a lot too especially if you can show the product in action. In ecommerce, the customer cannot physically see and touch the product so do whatever you can to help him form a mental image and relate to it.

Here is a good example Acer XB Set of 4 Wedges If you click on the link, you can see how the merchant explains the virtue of a good short game, what a short game guru Dave Pelz recommends and then explains the product, a set of 4 golf wedges. The specifications are explained but after first establishing the ground work for why such a product is a good idea.

Some products can only be explained in pure specifications like capacitors and resistors but most consumer oriented products can be explained in a more story like fashion. Help the customer visualize using and benefiting from the product.


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